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DIY Homemade Essential Oil and Honey Cough Drop Recipe

DIY Homemade Essential Oil and Honey Cough Drop Recipe

Homemade Cough Drops

Essential Oil Cough Drops Lemon Honey thieves

1-Cup Raw Honey
8-drops Thieves/OnGuard Essential Oil 
4-drops Lemon Essential Oil
1-Candy thermometer

Put the honey in a saucepan and bring it to 300 degrees on medium (or slightly higher) heat-adjust as needed.  It will begin to bubble and rise up so don’t use the very smallest pan.  It should hold about 4 cups of liquid to prevent boil over.  Use your thermometer to check the temperature periodically.  It must reach 300 degrees or it will not be hard.  

Once at 300 degrees remove from the heat and stir so it will begin to cool.  You want to wait until it is as cool as possible (without being sticky) to add the oils. Once it begins to set, the honey will become harder to work with so don’t let it get too thick.  If it does get too thick you can rewarm it.

Spoon the mixture into the candy molds or use a filled turkey dropper.  If you don’t have molds it’s okay.  I have seen people make drops using wax paper and just putting drops on the paper.  They won’t be as uniform or pretty but that’s okay too. 

Allow to cool completely and wrap in wax paper.

We love to make these when someone in our house has a nasty cough. Use these and some of the Breathe Easy Chest Rub- we can be back to new in no time at all! 


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