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We ❤ Teachers

We ❤ Teachers

There is nothing like the start of the school year to remind us just how much we love and appreciate teachers. Our kids are blessed to have some of the most gifted, enthusiastic, and kind people educating them. We want to do something really special for everyone out there that dedicates their life to teaching others. 

We love teachers prize giveaway from Pinterest



We are going to have a little Pinterest/Facebook Contest for our special teacher friends. Here is how it's going to work. 



1. SHARE this post on Facebook and tag an awesome teacher. More than one is fine. We know there are so many out there that are great, you don't just have to pick one!



2. TEACHERS- Once you are nominated, head over to our website HERE and look around. Make a wish list of at least 3 things you would like to have and Pin them on Pinterest using the Pin It Button. (see below). If you have more than three things on your wishlist, that's okay too, just Pin at least 3 to qualify. 


Go to the website
Pinterest Pin It Button



3. On August 31st, we will select 2 teachers to receive a giveaway prize package to thank them for everything that they do.  They will be randomly selected from the teachers that entered and qualified above. Another 3 teachers will win some fabulous coupons from our online store. 



Most of all we just want an opportunity to thank everything that spends their life shaping our kid's futures. Y'all are AMAZING! 

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Instagram Photo Contest- Chillout

Instagram Photo Contest- Chillout

We our hosting our first ever Instagram photo contest.  We are so excited to see the entries that you all submit to us!   Let's talk about prizes first- that's the most important part, right!  

Winner of the contest gets  a $50 shopping spree to our online store and their photo gets to be featured in some of our upcoming ads on the web and social media!  

Here's what we need.  We know you are tired of looking at pictures of our kids doing silly things (we know, they provide plenty of material.) So now, we are looking for picture of your kids, family members, friends, pets, etc doing silly things too.   We are looking for a picture of someone that perhaps needs to use our CHILLOUT Rollerball.    You will be able to vote on your favorite pictures to narrow it down to the top 10, then we will pick the final one.   Plus, you picture will be used in some of our future campaigns for the Chillout Rollerball.  

To submit your photo:

1. Click to enter your photo

2. Follow us on Instagram @themedicalmommas

3. Must use the Hashtag #themedicalmommaschillout 

Please read the rules before you submit your photo and make sure it's your original photo, we don't like copycats!  

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Mother's Day Contest...Win Your Momma Gift Set!

Mother's Day Contest...Win Your Momma Gift Set!

We are all about having a little friendly competition around here at the Medical Mommas!  What better holiday to show up your siblings, or really stand out as the favorite kid  ( I mean really, like who didn't realize it all along anyway?) than Mother's Day.   

We want to help you butter you Mom up a bit, and win her some goodies.  We are having a little contest on Facebook, and to participate, you just have to finish one simple sentence. 

Because of my Mom........______________________________________.

Find our post on Facebook-




Winner will be chosen on Sunday May 8th!

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Get in on Our Pinterest Contest Today to Win a Free Diffuser Bracelet and Essential Oils Sampler

Get in on Our Pinterest Contest Today to Win a Free Diffuser Bracelet and Essential Oils Sampler

Our Pin It to Win It Contest is Back!

Our last Pinterest contest was such a hit, that we are going to do another. Who does loving browsing at awesome stuff on your phone or computer, and saving it to your neatly organized cyberboards?  

Here's how it works-  First you must find us on Pinterest and follow us. If you already do, consider yourself one step ahead!

Second-  Browse our boards, and then pick our 10 things that you would like to have and pin them.   If you find more than 10, that's okay too, but you have to pin at least 10 to be entered in the drawing.  If you have already pin some of our pins before- just pick 10 more, we add new ones all the time, so there should be plenty to choose from. 

We will enter all the names in a drawing and give away a Medical Momma's diffuser bracelet and sampler oils set to our winner!  All pinning must be done by May 1st, 2016 to enter- so start now! 

Essential Oil Diffuser Cross Bead bracelet


Essential Oil Sampler package

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