I Know I Taught My Kid Better Than This

I have to let you all know about the latest situation in my house. You may either sympathize with me and have similar horror stories, or wonder what I am doing wrong as a parent. Either way, here is the current state of affairs at my house. 

At some point, my 6 year old son has decided that wiping his butt after he poops is now optional.  I discovered this, after I helped him get his shower, (which because he is 6, I mostly supervise). I was going to check out a bite on his leg where he got a jellyfish bite at the beach last week and I catch a whiff of something funky....like stale a$$.  I know that's not ladylike, but y'all know what I'm talking about.   

The face of a mom who has discovered the stinky butt

This is my face when I discovered my 6 year old hasn't wiped his derriere for a week


So I proceed to do what any good momma would do, and I go straight for the buttcheeks, and right there before God and everyone else, is my 6 year old sons dirty stinky butt crack. Mind you, I merely supervised the shower, so I did not physically peel his butt cheeks apart in the shower and clean them, but I know that I have taught him how to wipe his behind after he uses the bathroom. 

So I start to quiz him about the situation, and he starts getting pretty vague about things. First, he tells me that he doesn't remember if he has pooped lately. Then he says he doesn't know if he wiped his butt or not.  At this point, guilt is written all over his face.  He finally just breaks down and tells me that he thought if you couldn't see your butt, you didn't have to wipe it.....    Seriously?   Like, because you can't get a visual on it, it can smell like a hog barn and it's all good???? Now, I know I taught him better than that!  

Why am I telling you this story? Well, this is one of the many reasons Holly and I created The Medical Mommas. I'm serious- go with me here.

 So after I got him back in the shower and cleaned up, now I have a 6 year old with a clean very sore butt that is crying that hurts...what do I do?   What do I put on it? There was one point in my life I would not have had any clue what to do either.  We get questions like this all the time from our customers.   This is not exactly something you can run into Walmart and ask the store clerk there advice about.  We are moms though, and we get it.   If you send us and email and say, hey, "my kid won't wipe his butt, and now he has monkey butt, what can I use on that?" We are going to be able to help you out!   

Let me tell you what I did.  I put some Miracle Salve on his behind and in minutes he had already calmed down. In the morning I guarantee it will be better. It has happened before, and unfortunately will probably happen again, because apparently we have not been able to create a formula for stubbornness yet. 

So if you have questions about an issue, please don't hesitate to email us and we will be glad to help you. We have probably been there before, I promise! 



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