Christmas Shopping Guide Is Here

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

We can not believe that we are less than 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving! Holy cow, how did that happen?   For those of you that have shopped early this year, we commend you, but we are not one of you.  Like most things in life these days, we will be waiting until the last possible minute to get Christmas shopping done because it seems that we work better under pressure. 

So, we have put together a little gift guide for you all that has some goodies on it to get you started in case you need some ideas.  Of course, we have some Medical Mommas goodies on our list, but we also included some other unique items that we thought someone on your list might be wanting this Christmas season. 

1. Wood Recipe Card- Laser Engraved

Recipe card engraved

Anyone who has a mom or grandma with an awesome recipe will love having it engraved on a keepsake in their handwriting.  Such a unique present, and for only $18 it won't break the bank. 


2. Yurbuds Inspire 300 Fitness Headphones

yurbuds fitness headphones

Let's get real- Bluetooth headphones are good in theory, but in reality, they are never charged, they are heavy and their battery life is questionable.  Yurbuds are my go-to favorite. The only earbuds to ever stay in my ears, these things are amazing.  I have a set for home and one for work, but this nifty little pouch travels well too. Only $27.99. 


3. Sleepytime Rollerball 

Good sleep is important to everyone. This is the perfect gift for anyone on your list that wants to sleep better at night. Roll it on the wrists, neck, and feet before bed to help soothe yourself and get some dream-inducing good sleep.  Made for all ages. Only $12.99. 

4. Magnetic Wristbands for Handymen (or women) 

Magnetic wristband

Well isn't this nifty for anyone that works with there hands. Made with strong magnets to hold tools, nails, screws, etc, this handy little gift comes in at $8.59. 

5. Quitpicks: The Stop Smoking Toothpick 

Do you know someone that smokes and always sets themselves a New Year resolution that they are going to quite come January 1st?   Well, help them get a jump start this year with these unique toothpicks that can help smokers with nicotine cravings with natural essential oils. Only $9.99. 

6. Magnetic Balls Desk Toy

magnetic balls desk toy

Who walks by one of these things and doesn't get the urge to touch it?  Plus we are kind of science nerds and love that this is a science toy.  Awesome for kids or adults, or adults that forget they are adults sometimes.  $9.99 

7. SmartKlear Phone Screen Cleaner


This little thing uses NASA technology and the power of carbon to clean your phone and get rid of fingerprints and the microscopic yuck that is lurking on our screens. Lasts about 300 uses before you need a replacement pad.  Only $14.99

8. No More Monsters Bedtime Spray 

If you have any kids on your list this year, they need a bottle of this spray. It is made to be sprayed on their sheets, blankets, and even pajamas at night or naptime to help keep Monsters, scary dreams, and anything else bad away while they sleep.  Made with soothing essential oils to help soothe their senses, this spray is a deal at $5.99. 

9. Fliker Air Scooter 


This is hands down the most favorite riding toys my kids have ever received. More fun than even their bicycles, they scooter around on these things all day long. Likely for ages 6 and up or at least that was about how old my kids were when they started riding them. $79.99. 

10. Mother's Love Essential Oil Necklace Gift Set 

Perfect gift for any mother this Christmas is a wearable diffuser necklace. Simply place a few drops of essential oil inside this necklace and smell it all day long. The gift set comes with 3 bottles of sample oils Happy, Calm, and Energy Blends. Necklace $14.99 Gift Set $23.99. 

11. Dishwasher Magnet 

This may be the best $10 gift ever.   Who has ever had a fight with their spouse about whether the dishes in the dishwasher were clean or dirty? Save your marriage and your sanity. 

12. Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

I aspire for my children to become computer geniuses because technology is already quickly surpassing me and I need someone to be able to fix my computer issues for free one day. This mouse game teaches the basics of computer coding for ages 5 and up.  $37.49

13. Number 2 Spray 

Everyone poops. Nobody wants to smell it, it's an age old problem. This spray goes in the toilet before you go to trap the smell.  Our customers tell us it the best things since sliced bread, maybe better.  Only $5.99, you can have on in each bathroom of the house. 



We will be scoping out lots more gifts between now and Christmas and keeping them on our watch list.  So watch for more updates to our 2017 gift guide. 


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