6 Perfect Gifts for Women This Christmas


Perfect Christmas gifts for women

Finding the perfect gift is an intimidating task for most men.Okay guys, I promise...we are really not that complicated when it comes to holiday gift giving. Most women would be happy with a gift that they did not have to pick out, wrap, and place under the tree for themselves.  Seriously, just a little effort is all it takes.  You get even more credit if it's something unique that we wouldn't usually splurge on for ourselves.  We happen to have lots of unique items that make awesome gifts.  So, here is a list of the best gift items for the ladies from The Medical Mommas!


1. Lavender and Tea Tree Shave Oil

If you have never shaved with an oil before, you are seriously missing out of life. At some point in life, most women will have some unwanted hair to shave. Give her this little treat to discover, and life will never be the same again!

lavender and tea tree shaving oil


2. Sleepytime Cream

Everyone desires a good night's sleep. No matter how old or young you are, sleep is the key to feeling better and being healthier.   This cream is rubbed on the chest, neck and bottoms of the feet every night before bed. It contains special essential oils, and other all natural ingredients to help your body get more ZZZZs. 


 Sleepytime Essential Oil Insomnia Cream


3.  Essential Oil Diffuser Locket

 Most women love jewelry,  that's no secret. The awesome thing about this necklace is that you can place a couple of drops of essential oils on the pad inside and them let it diffuse around you all day long as you wear it!   Comes in bronze or silver. Both colors are very trendy and either one would look great for everyday wear.  

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

4. Sampler Oil 3 Pack

Lots of people are using essential oils now, but not everyone wants to invest in them. They can be very pricey at first.  We have a perfect sample set at a perfect price for you to use on your diffuser jewelry.  We have 3 different blends- Happy, Calm, and Energy.  Perfect for every mood. 

Essential oil sampler packages in happy calm and energy



5. Wake Up Rollerball

 Who doesn't struggle to get awake sometimes.  How about that post lunch drag?  This rollerball is perfect for a pick me up whenever you need it. It's in a convenient rollerball, and can travel without spilling. Roll on your wrists, temples, and neck to instantly get refreshed.  Also great for anything that has to drive long distances to get up at odd hours for work. 

Wake up rollerball from the medical mommas




6. Body Butter

It's not lotion. It's not Betty Crocker. It's not something you find at the adult store.  Body Butter is more than just a catchy name though. It is the thickest, creamiest, and richest stuff we have ever slathered on after a bath. All in all, it's a real treat.   We make 2 different kinds. Citrus Bliss-   a refreshing scent and Lavender Love Story- a warm calming scent. Do yourself a favor, get her both!


body butter citrus bliss and lavender love store


So there you have it! Here are some awesome ideas for gifts for the special lady in your life. Complete with the direct links to purchase them. Men,  we are really making this too easy on you. 

Love, The Medical Mommas


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