How to Use Essential Oil Products in Your Daily Life

Even if you don't consider yourself someone that would be into something like essential oil use, you probably already use them and just don't know it!   Many health and beauty products, along with some medications use plant based oils as their ingredients.   Prior to becoming one of The Medical Mommas, I really didn't consider myself as someone that would be into "that sort of thing."  You know what I'm talking about.  I just usually bought everything I needed at the store and never attempted to make my own products at home. Mostly, I just figured that the products at the store worked well enough, and I didn't have time to mess with doing something like that. 

Now let's fast forward to today. I can not imagine a day going by now that I won't reach for my oils!  I wanted to give some real life examples of way I use oils or oil products every day. 

7:05AM- Showered and got ready for church.  Used Shea Butter and Oatmeal Body Soap made with Lavender and Tea Tree Oil, because my eczema has been so bad lately. I found out that all the shower gels and body washes that I had always used before were making it so much worse. 

7:10AM- Shave my legs using the Lavender and Tea Tree Shave Oil. OMG!  Why did I ever use soap or shaving cream. This stuff rocks!  I don't even need lotion on my legs afterward. 

7:25AM- Use my Tummy Tuck Cream on my belly. I have been using it faithfully for 2 months and I can see a difference in the way my stomach looks. I use it morning and night and it just takes a few minutes to apply. Feels nice like body butter. 

8:20AM- Use Sanitize It spray to clean up after my kids breakfast mess. Most of their food usually ends up on the table, chairs, and the floors. Smells nice and fresh and I don't worry about my 2 year old touching surfaces I have sprayed it on like I would a bleach cleaner.

8:45AM Realize I never got the mail yesterday, go out to the mailbox and open it up to find several spiders hanging out in there. I get the mail and go back to the mailbox armed with my spider spray. Smells about 1000% better than store bought spider spray. Your welcome mail lady!

9:50AM Go to change my daughters diaper before we head out for church and she has somehow developed quite the diaper rash overnight.  I use some Miracle Healing Salve on it. She doesn't cry, because it doesn't burn. It's also not thick and white like Desitin.   (Fast forward, rash is already better by the next diaper change.

10:30AM- Church is starting and my 5 year old is having a hard time settling down. Quickly pull out my chill out rollerball from my purse and give him a few swipes on the wrists and behind the ears.  Helps use get through church without a meltdown. 

12:15PM- After lunch it's nap time, but no one in the house can seem to get settled in for a nap. I use some Lavender Linen Spray on the pillows and comforters and turn on the diffuser. I love to put lavender and cedarwood in the diffuser for sleepytime. Everyone (including myself) is asleep in 15 minutes. 

2:45PM After nap, by 5 year old wants to practice riding his bike without training wheels.  He does a pretty good job, but we have several wrecks and a banged up arm.  We rinse off his scrap and once it stops bleeding I roll on my Ouchy Rollerball. He usually freaks out when I try to put anything on him because he is afraid it't going to hurt, but he likes the rollerball. He says it already makes his arm feel better. 

4:15PM  I relook at the scraped up elbow and it's worse than I thought it was going to be. I go ahead and apply Scars and Stretch Marks Cream to it since both my kids tend to scar badly. My little boy says it feels good. 

6:30PM- I'm cooking supper and my head really starts hurting. I get headaches all the time, but this one hits me out of no where.   I go ahead and get out My Head Hurts Rollerball and roll it across my forehead and temples. I also like to apply it to the back of my neck where I feel the tension build up.  My headache gets alot better without me having to take anything. 

7:50PM- My head is better, but my neck still hurts some. I go ahead and get out some It Hurts Cream to rub on my neck. It feels so good rubbing it on there and smells good too. Within about 30 mins am already better. 

8:30PM- Bathtime! School has started and so have the reports of lice. Eww..... So, I have been using the No Means No Lice Repealing Shampoo on my kids 2 or 3 nights a week.  If they start sending home any notes that anyone else in class has lice, I amp that up to daily use. I also will start using the No Means No Lice Leave In Conditioner Spray everyday as well. Smells nice and fresh and prevents the trauma that is a case of lice in the house. 

8:45PM Time for Bed! Everyone in this house gets Sleepytime Cream before bed. I rub it on their feet, chest and back to get everyone winding down right after baths. Love the smell and everyone is out like a light 10 minutes after their heads hit the pillow. 


So there you are. This is a typical day around here. As you can see, we use essential oils all day everyday. You don't have to be mother nature herself though to start adding some of these simple all natural remedies to your everyday life too. Check out what products we make that could help your family!


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