Holly's Top 3 Essential Oils

When asked to write this my first thought was, "My three favorite oils, how can I pick only three?!" So, the thinking, debating and contemplating began. I love SO MANY essential oils that choosing only three proved difficult. But, after much antagonizing here it goes.........HOLLY'S 3 FAVORITE OILS AND WHY! 
Lavender, ok so this one was easy. Lavender started my journey and love with essential oils many, many years ago. It will always be my favorite for that and many other reasons. The uses for lavender oil are too numerous to name. It's excellent for all skin problems, has wonderful calming abilities, improves sleep, alleviates headaches, and deters seasonal allergies. It does all this while smelling heavenly! Whether I'm spraying lavender on my pillows or rubbing it on a sunburn, I can count on it to do the job. You will find lavender oil in all of The Medical Mommas skin care products. It is in our linen spray, snots and sniffles roller ball and many others. 
Snots and Sniffles rollerball with lavender, lemon, and peppermint essential oil
When I was a little girl my mother would give me a peppermint candy when I complained of a tummy ache. Was she trying to shut me up, maybe, or was there another reason? Well, it's true that peppermint oil helps all things tummy related. Nausea, indigestion, bloating, and diarrhea can all be alleviated with peppermint oil, topically or ingested. (Although it is not recommended for children) Peppermint is also a must for those who experience headaches. A little on my temples and no Tylenol for me! Peppermint oil is an all natural pest repellent. You can spray your house for spiders while making it smell like a candy cane! I also love to diffuse peppermint when  I need a pick me up. It is always good for a boost of energy. Peppermint oil is included in our Spider Spray, My Head Hurts Rollerball, and It Hurts! Pain Cream.
It Hurts pain cream for muscles and arthritis
Last, but definitely not least, is lemon oil. I start every day with a glass of warm water with a drop of lemon oil. Not only does it taste great, it's invigorating and helps detoxify the liver.It also gives your metabolism a boost! Lemon can be used to clean and disinfect your entire home while being non toxic and wonderful smelling. I use it in my glass cleaner, dust polish, counter spray and dish detergent. Want some natural highlights, give lemon oil a try. Colds and allergies are thwarted by this awesome oil too. Lemon oil in a diffuser not only purifies the air but can give you a mental pick me up. The Medical Mommas use lemon oil in our Breakout Alert Line and Please Card Me Line.
Breakout alert skin line for acne prone skin
So, there you go, my three favorite essential oils. What are yours?  If you haven't tried any, now is a great time to see what they can do for you!

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